A.Thomas Stavros
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01 Oct 2019

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Breast Ultrasound is a complete and definitive guide to performing and interpreting breast ultrasound examinations. The book explains every aspect of the examination in detail-from equipment selection and examining techniques, to correlations between sonographic and mammographic findings, to precise characterization of sonographic abnormalities. Complementing the text are illustrations, including ultrasound scans, corresponding mammographic images, and diagrams of key aspects of the examination.Dr. Stavros thoroughly explains the physics of breast ultrasound and the special probes and other equipment needed to produce high-resolution images of breast tissue. Chapters on breast ultrasound anatomy demonstrate the anatomic detail that can be seen on current equipment and correlate sonographic and mammographic anatomic features. Subsequent chapters describe examination procedures for evaluating specific abnormalities and detail the distinguishing features of different cystic and solid breast lesions. Also included is a chapter on Doppler characterization of breast lesions.New for this edition:Increase coverage of ultrasound's use in screening and early detection and cyst biopsyMany of the images have been updatedMore breast MR correlations are includedAccompanying online site with full text and video

Breast ultrasound is the examination of the breast tissue using an ultrasound scan. Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce images (or pictures) of the breast that are displayed on a screen.